I John

I John 5:18-21 Truth And Falsehood.

It is not the overall bent of the Christian’s life to serve sin, but none are yet perfected (v. 18 Cf. 1:8-2:2). Those born of God guard themselves from the devil, as John stated earlier, because “the word of God abides” in them (2:14 Cf. Lk. 24:45). There is an opposite bent to those who are children of the devil-namely ‘the world” (v. 19). There are two opposing seeds, and two opposing worldviews (Cf. I Pet. 1:23). Believers have this understanding from God, we have a saving knowledge of the Son of God (v. 20 Cf. Gal. 1:4). The world, on the other hand, worships dumb idols, the very things we must keep ourselves from (v. 21 Cf. 4:2-3; Js. 1:27).

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