Acts 23:10-22 One Lone Voice Overules A Conspiracy.

The topic of the resurrection literally threatened to pull Paul apart (v. 10). In the providence of God he had government protection, but he also received an encouraging and commissioning word from the Lord (v. 11). The revelations received earlier by many, of what awaited him on his return to Jerusalem, rightly did not prevent him from making this journey, and now he is told that he will also be going to bear witness at Rome (Cf. 27:23-24). Some of the apostate Jews actually took an oath, about 40 forming a conspiracy to kill Paul, taking neither food or water until they were done (vv. 12-13). This was a conspiracy, because they counselled the religious council of chief priests and elders to lie to the commander to suggest that they needed Paul to meet them, when it was but a plot to fulfill their work (vv. 14-15). Little did they know that Paul’s nephew overheard of their scheme and informed Paul (v. 16). Paul then asks that the young man deliver this message to the commander, and in a twist of irony, the commander instructs him to tell no one of his communication (vv. 16-22). Behind all this we can see the Devil’s work, and so also with us, he and his minions conspire to bring us to the bar of judgment and death, but we have an advocate who has spoken to the judge, and his clear voice of truth quells the spiritual conspiracy for us all (I Jn. 2:1).

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