Matthew 2:13-23 The Exodus Of The Redeemer.

Joseph was not hidden in the shadows. He was treated as what he was, the covenant head of his family. Just as an angel of the Lord appeared to him when Mary was found to be with child, even so here an angel again appears to him to warn and instruct him to flee with Mary and Jesus to Egypt, so that Herod could not murder Jesus. Joseph was a true protector and deliverer of his family, with the help of an angel. This necessity, laid upon them by providence, also led to the fulfillment of another word and message from the Lord. Their exodus out of Egypt, with the death of Herod, fulfilled both the law and prophecy (Cf. Nu. 24:8; Hos. 11:1), an echo of the past (Ex. 4:22-23).

Sadly, the escape of Jesus led Herod to have all males born in Bethlehem and its districts at that time murdered, much like what happened at the time of Moses birth (v. 16 Cf. Ex 1:22ff.). This also fulfilled a prophetic word from Jeremiah (vv. 17-18 Cf. Jer. 31:15). Again, with Herod’s death an angel of the Lord again appears to Joseph informing him of Herod’s death and instructing him to return with Mary and Jesus to the land of Israel (vv. 19-21). However, they did not return directly to Bethlehem, but because Herod’s son succeeded him they were warned by God in a dream to go to the region of Galilee (v. 22). “Is. 11:1 refers to the Messiah as a ‘Branch’ (Hebrew netzer) from the roots of Jesse; this verse may have been in mind” (v. 23) (GSB p.1508).

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