Acts 16:35-40 Liberty To Preach The Gospel.

We are not told why the authorities had a change of heart with respect to Paul and Silas. It is possible that Lydia, who supplied garments of purple for political leadership and royalty, may have informed someone that these men were Roman citizens, and they just wanted them to depart in silence. No doubt the keeper of the prison was just happy not to be executed, and Lydia and the church that met in her house were also happy to hear of their release. However, Paul was not satisfied to remain silent. Clearly the keeper’s house must have been attached to the prison, because it was here that the officials were forced to come and plead with Paul and Silas to depart. However, before they departed, they visited the brethren gathered in Lydia’s house. The point was that Paul was not afraid to invoke what was his right as a Roman citizen. He could have pressed matters further, but instead he made his point and travelled on for the work of the gospel. We also should not be afraid to avail ourselves of our rights in our service for the gospel, and defend this liberty.

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