Acts 13:22-25 The LORD Is King.

When it is pointed out to people that God’s intention politically was always a constitutional republic, some are quick to point to David, as Paul does here. However, they are not as quick in pointing to his many wives and concubines, which also was not God’s ideal. The LORD took their desire for a king, like all the other nations, and used it to show that He would again be His people’s only rightful King, in the second person of the Trinity, the Lord Jesus Christ (vv. 22-23 Cf. I Sam. 8; Is. 11:1ff; Mt. 27:37; Jn. 19:19). He also would have but one bride (Rev. 21:9). This is why John preached repentance, as he spoke of the Messiah’s coming (vv. 24-25 Cf. Mk. 1:7; Lk. 3:3-5; Jn. 1:20, 27). This is David’s true Son, who kept the covenant and made it new (Ps. 132:11-12; Mt. 1:21; 26:28).

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