Acts 12:12-19 Prayer Answered.

When Peter “had come to himself” he went to the place where the church was gathered together in prayer (v. 12). It was as though he also knew that his deliverance came via their prayers. A girl named Rhoda was so excited to hear Peter’s voice that she neglected to let Peter in, and the adults in the room thought she was just imagining things, or what seems even more unbelievable-it was his angel (vv. 13-15). This is not something we would think of, before we might think that he somehow got released. However, according to scripture, it would seem that God’s people do have angels watching over them (Mt. 18:10).

However, those gathered together in Mary’s house seemed more astonished to see Peter, but they were praying for him, and the Lord answered their prayers! Peter kept knocking, and nervous that they keep the noise down, he wanted someone to inform the brethren of the Lord’s deliverance, no doubt to encourage their hearts. He also thought it wise to go to another place. The soldiers ultimately suffered the punishment that was intended for Peter. However, these soldiers had a choice, they could have, in repentance and faith, let Peter free and go with him, but they did not. Caesarea was obviously a safer place than Judea and the apostate Jewish leadership.

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