James 5:1-6 Pay Workers Fairly And Use Riches Wisely.

James once again issues a warning to the rich of this world, yet it is not a blanket condemnation of all who are rich. The warning here is to those who heap up treasure, as though they are hording it well beyond their needs. Furthermore, the rich that James is referring to are rich, in part, because they have neglected to pay their labourers (v. 4). In so doing they were breaking God’s law (Lev. 19:13; Dt. 24:15). At the same time they have lived in Pleasure and luxury. James states that by behaving in this manner they have simply fattened themselves for a day of slaughter, like a senseless animal, heaping up sin for the eventual judgment (v. 5). In treating their workers in this manner, they were condemning the just (v. 6). These just ones in crying out to the Lord of Sabaoth (or hosts) are heard. This speaks to the Lord coming in judgment, and these rich will be judged. Their vary riches will witness against them, and they will weep and howl in their miseries (vv. 1-3a Cf. Mt. 6:19-21; Lk. 6:24-25). Their judgment will be all the more severe, since they did this in the last days, that time when God poured out His Spirit and made known the new covenant revelation in Christ (v. 3b Cf. Rom. 2:5).

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