Acts 11:27-30 Giving-Spiritually And Materially.

The new testament church had prophets who knew the future, as the Lord revealed to them what would come to pass (v. 27 Cf. 2:17ff.). Here we see one such example. Agabus, one of their number, by the Spirit warned the believers of a famine that was to come (v. 28 Cf. Jn. 16:13). It was because of this warning that the church at Antioch “determined to send relief to the brethren dwelling in Judea” (v. 29 Cf. Rom. 15:26). It is important to note that the disciples gave, “each according to his ability.” So no one is judged for giving less than another, if they gave according to their ability. This gift they entrusted to Barnabas and Saul to pass on to the elders in Judea, thereby ensuring that it would also be distributed fairly (v. 30 Cf. 12:25).

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