II Timothy

II Timothy 3:10-15 Doctrine And Life Based On Scripture.

In contrast to the counterfeits of verses 1-9, Timothy provided an example of apprenticed leadership. First in order of importance, Timothy followed Paul’s doctrine, which was the apostolic witness (v. 10a Cf. I Tim. 4:6). People live out the doctrine which they believe. Timothy also followed the “manner of life” that Paul lived, and that which flowed from his doctrine (v. 10b). They also shared the same purpose. The Christian life is a purpose driven life, one that is consistent with one’s doctrine and manner of life. By the same token, our doctrine has purpose, as does our manner of life. This requires faith, both to act on what we believe, and to endure longsuffering, persecution, and afflictions (v. 11). Persecution is the opposition from others, afflictions are physical ailments, and longsuffering is the bearing with the overall task of being a minister of the word. At the centre of all these things there is love, which is the greatest of all (Cf. I Cor. 13).

Paul was able to endure persecutions because the Lord delivered him out of them all (Cf. 34:19). However, Timothy and all who would follow him, should be under no illusion, “all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution (v. 12). “Evil men and imposters” will also progress in their beliefs and practice, in their case getting worse and worse. They deceive because they themselves are deceived (v. 13 II Th. 2:11). The point for Timothy was to continue in the doctrine and manner of life which began with the Lord, and was carried on with the apostolic witness (v. 14 Cf. 1:13). The scriptural testimony came with accompanying signs and wonders, such that those who heard could be assured of the truth, and they also had examples, like Paul and the other apostles, to follow. Furthermore, this testimony was consistent with “the Holy Scriptures,” which Timothy knew from his infancy, which are able to make one “wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus” (v. 15 Cf. Jn. 5:39).

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