Acts 10:17-23 A Turning Point.

The vision which Peter saw would have a major impact on him and his progress in the faith, but immediately after it happened he “wondered within himself what this vision which he has seen meant” (v. 17). It is important to emphasize that this was not a typical dream-this was a vision which Peter saw. However, Peter was not left to wonder on his own. God sent messengers to Peter calling for him to go and visit a Gentile who feared God but needed to hear the good news (v. 18 Cf. 15:7-9). Furthermore, the Spirit also spoke to Peter to tell him to expect these visitors and not to doubt the need to go with them (vv. 19-20 Cf. 11:12). When Peter meets them he immediately asks them why they have come to him (v. 21). They inform Peter of the angelic visitation which Cornelius had received, thus confirming the Spirit’s words to Peter. Besides fearing God, he was also highly regarded as a just man and having a good reputation among those in the Jewish community (v. 22). Having established God’s hand in this encounter, and the reputation of Cornelius, the men lodge with Peter for the night, and together they embark on their journey in the morning with some brothers from Joppa (v. 23 Cf. v. 45).

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