Acts 6:8-15 Stephen Before Two Councils.

During the apostolic period there were men like Stephen who were filled with the Spirit and spoke the prophetic canonical word, and signs and wonders accompanied them as well (v. 8). They also met with opposition, particularly from the apostate Jewish leadership who did not like hearing about the judgment upon them for taking the lead in crucifying the Lord Jesus Christ (v. 9). Not being able to resist Stephen’s arguments, and the power of the Spirit by which he spoke, they resorted to seeking out false witnesses against him, just as they did with the Lord Himself (vv. 10-11a). They essentially accused Stephen of preaching a new religion which contradicted Moses and the God of Moses (v. 10b).

How ironic that many today believe that Christianity is indeed a different religion than that which Moses taught or is found in the Old Testament scriptures. In any case, it was this false charge that caused the leadership and the people to bring Stephen before the council (vv. 11-12). What they did accuse him of was that there was a change taking place, which Jesus Himself taught from Moses and the rest of the word, that He would destroy the temple and the customs associated with it would cease (vv. 13-14). With the face of an angel, likely a reflection from standing in the Glory-Presence of the higher council, the human council would look on and listen to a summary account of salvation history (v. 15).

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