Acts 3:1-10 A Beautiful Healing.

Peter and John went to the temple when they knew there would be those seeking God during the hour of prayer (v. 1). There was also a certain lame man that would daily go to the gate of the temple, hoping to be within eyeshot of all passing through, no doubt to receive alms help to survive (v. 2). It was the practice of some to live a faith that was more than religious exercises. For some at least, alms giving to those in need was an integral part. Some may have given reluctantly of course, and some not at all. But this man seems to have survived on the giving of some. Seeing two visitors he naturally asked for alms help of Peter and John (v. 3). In asking the man to look at them, Peter was asking the man to look up (v. 4).

If they were going to simply give alms like others did, one would probably simply give as one moved along, not wanting to perhaps embarrass or humiliate the man. However, Peter wanted the man to look up to something more than he expected, and we read that he did look up and gave them his attention (v. 5). “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth” they were able to offer the man something better. They were able to give the man healing so that he would never have to beg again (v. 6 Cf. 4:10). It is also noteworthy that Peter didn’t simply say, “rise up and walk,” but he also helped the man to his feet. It was after looking up and hearing the word spoken by Peter, that the man stepped up in faith, and with Peter’s assistance, rose to his feet.

This is the way it works for all who are saved. We look up from ourselves and our helpless condition, and hearing the word spoken we are able to rise in faith believing. Furthermore, it is a rising not just to getting by or enough for survival, but as the man rose the Lord strengthened him even more (v. 7). God will always give us the strength we need to rise up in faith believing His word spoken to us. The man not only stood and walked, but it says that he leaped up and praised God, probably way more than anyone else in the temple precincts (vv. 8-9 Cf. 4:16, 21; Is. 35:6). “Then they knew that it was he who sat begging at the Beautiful Gate of the temple; and they were filled with wonder and amazement at what happened to him” (v. 10).

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