I Thessalonians

I Thessalonians 4:9-12 Evidence Of A Sanctified Life.

Paul reminds his readers of the life they should live. Firstly, to love one another is to be taught by God. Those who do not love others in the body, are not taught by God (v. 9 Cf. Jer. 31:33-34). The Thessalonians were known for the evidence of this love, in the support they gave to all in Macedonia, and Paul wanted them to continue to “increase more and more” (v. 10 Cf. Rom. 12:13; Phil. 1:27). Secondly, we should also “aspire to lead a quiet life” (v. 11a). By this he no doubt meant that they and we should not be unnecessary disturbers of the social peace. Thirdly, we are urged to mind our own business, meaning we should not be busy bodies in other people’s affairs (v. 11b Cf. II Th. 3:11). Finally, we ought to be gainfully and lawfully employed (v. 11c Cf. Acts 20:35). This was a reminder of what had previously been commanded (v. 11d). This is what it means to “walk properly toward those who are outside,” meaning outside of the body (v. 12a Cf. Rom. 13:13). If they had all these things, and abounded in them more and more, they would “lack nothing” (v. 12b). This simply expanded on what he wrote immediately prior-of love for the body, holiness before God, and sanctification in life (3:11-4:8 Cf. I Cor. 15:58).

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