I Thessalonians

I Thessalonians 2:13 The Word Of God Is Effectual.

There is one thing that Paul is most thankful for, and it is the one thing that we all must be the most thankful for, and we must make it what it is for any true Christian-the first axiom of all thought and existence-the word of God. Paul was an apostle, and as such his word to his readers was more than the word of a man or men-the apostolic witness was the very giving of God’s new revelation of His thought and will. Paul was also thankful for the fact that this is how his readers received it, for this was a sign to him that they were indeed born again, new creatures in Christ Jesus. The very things he was thankful for, that he mentions at the beginning of this letter, all stem from this reality of the effectual word (1:2-3 Cf. Mk. 4:20; I Pet. 1:23). No one can justifiable make the claim of being a Christian who does not accept the canon of holy scripture as the word of the only living and true God, inerrant, infallible, all-sufficient, clear, and complete. The word of God is also unique in its effect-due to it being inspired by the Spirit of God, the Spirit also makes it living and effectual for all those who are destined to believe.

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