Luke 23:44-56 The Cross And The Tomb.

At Calvary they crucified Him, in fulfillment of what the scriptures predicted of His death as a sacrifice for sin (v. 33 Cf. Is. 53:9-12). The people wanted Pilate to post that Jesus claimed to be the King of the Jews, but instead His title was more emphatic (v. 38 Cf. Jn. 19:17-24). Now, even though it was high noon, darkness covered the earth until 3pm (v. 44). This would have been most unusual-to have darkness during the brightest part of the day. Unusual also was the rending of the temple veil in two (v. 45). However, when the way was thus opened up to the holy of holies Jesus sacrifice was finished, and He gave up His spirit to the Father (v. 46). It must have been this command he had of His own spirit, and His communion with the Father, which caused the centurion present to glorify God, saying, “Certainly this was a righteous man” (v. 47)! By this he no doubt meant that He did not deserve to die.

It is hard to gather what is meant by the crowd beating their breasts. Was this the same crowd who had Him put to death and now felt remorse, or was this a different crowd? It does not seem to be any of His disciples who remained at a distance “watching these things” (v. 49). However, we know of at least one good and just man, who was a council member but had not consented to this decision and deed, and it was he who went to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body that He might prepare it for burial. He was one of the remnant who were looking for the kingdom as Jesus had described it. He took Jesus body and wrapped it in linen and laid it in a fresh tomb (vv. 50-53). Being the day before the Sabbath it was the day of Preparation (v. 54). We also read that the women took note of the location so that they might return after the Sabbath with spices and fragrant oils (vv. 55-56).

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