Luke 23:26-43 Prophetic Fulfillment.

Likely too weak to carry his cross, Simon the Cyrenian is compelled to fulfill this task, but there can be no comparison to the death which Jesus would endure on that cross (v. 26 Cf. Mt. 27:32). Even though some followed them weeping for the Lord, Jesus made clear that they would mourn for the judgment that would fall on the apostate nation, especially mothers with infants (vv. 27-31 Cf. Mt. 24:19). This reiterates the warning about Jerusalem’s destruction, and the temple with it, which He had spoken of earlier (21:5-33). The people and the rulers, along with the guards, mocked Jesus during this ordeal, and yet Jesus prays that the Father might forgive them, for they did this out of ignorance (vv. 32-34 Cf. Acts 3:17). Casting lots for His clothing was also in prophetic fulfillment (Cf. Mt. 27:35; Ps. 22:18). In fulfillment of scripture, they also offered Him sour wine (v. 36 Cf. Ps. 69:21).

They mocked Him for not saving Himself, but it was for sinners that He was about to die-He didn’t need saving, but they did (vv. 35-36 Cf. Is. 53:9-12). In the providence of God, Jesus was crucified with the title “King of the Jews” (vv. 37-38). There would be two criminals who would be crucified with Jesus, one would join with the soldiers in mocking Jesus, but the other rebuked him saying that their punishment was deserved, but Jesus was an innocent man (vv. 39-41 Cf. Heb. 7:26). What is remarkable is that this criminal believed that Jesus was indeed the King who would enter into His kingdom, and He wanted to be with Him. So he acknowledged his sin, that he was justly deserving of death, but He put his faith in Jesus. In these things we see that this man was converted, and as such he would immediately be with Jesus in paradise (vv. 42-43).

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