Luke 22:63-71 Jesus Mocked, Beaten, And Condemned Before The Council.

The guards who held Jesus were ignorant men. They mocked and beat Him and asked Him to prophesy (vv. 63-64 Cf. Ps. 69; Is. 50:6; Zech. 13:7). What would they have done if He had indeed identified each of them with knowledge that no one may have known but each to His own, like the woman who had many husbands? She knew He was a prophet. Would they really like their sins exposed to their companions? As Luke wrote-they were indeed blasphemous and foolish (v. 65). All this was done before Jesus was even admitted to the council or His case heard (v. 66 Cf. Mt. 27:1; Acts 4:26). One is struck by the fact that all men presume to make their judgment about the Lord. Whether guard or council member, all men, too today, are presumptuous in this regard. Many ask who He is or claimed to be, but not all will believe (v. 67 Cf. Mt. 26:63-66). Shortly He, as the Son of God, would reign at the Father’s right hand with power (Cf. Heb. 1:3; 8:1). They understood what He was claiming-they simply did not believe (vv. 68-70). The irony is that they considered His claim as blasphemous (v. 71 Cf. Mk. 14:63).

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