Luke 22:54-62 Peter’s Denial.

Despite healing the ear of the high priest’s servant, Jesus is led to the house of the former like a criminal under arrest (v. 54 Cf. Mt. 26:57). We see Peter following at a distance, but eventually he outright denies he even knows the Lord (vv. 55-57). He ends up denying the Lord three times, in fulfillment of what the Lord in fact predicted (vv. 58-61 Cf. Jn. 18:15-18, 25-27). Peter had no doubt been questioned by several people who gathered around the fire (v. 55 Cf. Mk. 14:66-72). Nevertheless, the look of Jesus was enough to remind Peter of the conversation he had with the Lord earlier (Jn. 13:38). Peter went from a statement of absolute fidelity to denial and consequent weeping in bitterness (v. 62 Cf. Mt. 26:33-35, 75). However, Peter was not finished. Peter would eventually take his place among those who would form the very foundation of Christ’s church. In the meantime, Christ would go to the cross without witnesses to testify to His innocence.


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