Luke 22:35-38 He Supplies.

The Lord reminded His disciples, that despite not taking supplies for their journeys, that they did not lack in any need (v. 35). They were workers who were worthy of having their needs supplied (Mt. 10:9-10). However, He also warned them that there were some who would not so regard them, and in this case they needed to take care of their own needs, because they would not treat them any better than they treated Him (vv. 36-37). They were also encouraged to defend themselves with two swords, but two swords was enough. He wasn’t calling upon His followers to raise up an army to fight a literal war (v. 38). Many things still needed to be fulfilled, and there would be an end to the then present ministry. The central focus of what needed to be fulfilled, was that he be “numbered with the transgressors” (Is. 53:12), and this would be the core of the gospel message, which some would receive and support, and some would not.

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