Genesis 22:20-23:20 Sarah’s Death, Burial, And Hope.

After the confirmation of the covenant (vv. 1-19), word came to Abraham of the offspring of his brother Nahor (22:20-24). This would come into play as he later will seek out a wife for Isaac among the covenant community (Ch. 24). However, before that takes place, Abraham must mourn the passing of Sarah, which he did with tears (vv. 1-2). It is no coincidence that Sarah died in Hebron-this is where Abram first pitched his tent in the promised land. Sarah shared his faith in the promises of the LORD and no doubt wanted her death to also speak to these promises, and the hope she had in the LORD. Immediately Abraham sought out the inhabitants of the land for a burial place, which he would pay the full price for (vv. 3-20). As with the king of Sodom, Abraham did not want any man to take credit for what God was providing (Gen. 14:21-23). Caleb would also later recognize the value of this area (Josh. 14:15 Cf. Acts 7:5, 16), with the city of Hebron itself going to the sons of Aaron (21:11).

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