Philippians 2:19-24 Timothy-Paul’s Son And Best Friend.

Paul had a partner in ministry whom he could trust-Timothy. More importantly, Paul trusted in the Lord-in effect he was saying that if it was Jesus’ will Timothy would be sent to his readers (v. 19). It also depended on Paul’s circumstances, because Timothy was a great help to Paul, and Paul’s best friend (v. 23). But Paul himself also longed to meet them (v. 24). Paul knows that this letter, being part of the word that they were “holding fast” (v. 16a), would be an encouragement to them, and hearing about this from Timothy would in turn encourage him. Timothy, as the messenger and fellow bondservant (1:1a Cf. Rom. 16:21), would also be an encouragement to both.

Paul had no one who was “like minded” meaning, one who would “sincerely care” for their condition (v. 20 Cf. II Tim. 3:10-11). “For all seek their own, not the things of Christ Jesus” (v. 21). They were on the same page not only in their message but also in the will and attitude of service. Timothy had a “proven character” (v. 22a). They shared a father-son kind of relationship-in the ministry of the gospel (v. 22b Cf. I Cor. 4:17). Every minister needs this kind of relationship. This is not something that a wife can provide, for she will never know the struggles that someone in the same responsibilities and service does. Paul and Timothy were best friends-they shared the same struggles and experience that no one else could identify with.

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