Genesis 20 Conflicting Dreams And Visions.

Once again Abraham is up to his same old tricks, again hiding the fact that Sarah is his wife (vv. 1-2). And once again it takes a pagan to judge him for his evil, directed as this pagan was by God (vv. 3ff.). Abimelech pleaded his integrity and innocence, and yet God made clear that it was He who protected him from the evil of what might have been (vv. 5-6). Abraham at least is honest enough to admit that he did this deed to save his own skin (vv. 11-13). Abraham was in many ways a quite despicable character, and often completely lacking in faith. Because God spared Abimelech, the latter blessed Abraham and Sarah with goods, and Abraham was able to pray for him and his family, so that their females were again able to get pregnant (vv. 14-18). From this we learn that God had another vision for Abraham and Sarah, a dream that would find some fulfillment even in the midst of sin on their part.

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