Genesis 19 Lot And The Judgment On Sodom.

We now learn that the two “men” who were with the LORD were also angels. When Lot saw them coming he, like Abraham, “bowed himself with his face toward the ground” (v. 1 Cf. 18:2). So, like Abraham, he understood that these “men” were unique visitors (v. 2). He also saw the need to protect them, knowing the sinful state of his city (v. 3). As it turns out, the homosexual men of the city also noticed them, and they wanted to violate them (vv. 4-5). One can certainly admire Lot’s bravery here (v. 6), and a clear statement on their wickedness (v. 7). However, he shows his failings when he then offers his married daughters to essentially be raped, thinking that this would be the lesser of the two evils (v. 8, 14). But Lot’s judgment on their wickedness was finally more than they could bear, and he would now be the focus of their evil (v. 9). But the “men” pulled Lot in and struck the men outside with blindness (vv. 10-11).

In a word of grace the angels invite Lot to include both family and friends, any who may be of the godly seed, to be delivered with him before the impending judgment (vv. 12-13). Incidentally, Lot would know that these “men” could certainly back up their claim, given that they had just struck the men outside with blindness. So along with his daughters he pleads with his sons-in-law, who dismiss him as joking (v. 14). Clearly his daughters had not married godly seed. Then the angels urge Lot to hurry with his family, but it says that they “lingered” so that the angels had to take them by the hand to lead them out, “the LORD being merciful to him” (v. 16). This often happens, where God’s people will linger in sinful situations, and in the case of Lot’s wife, those who are only superficial members of the covenant will end up returning to the same place that they were called upon to leave behind them (vv. 17-19, 26).

The LORD again showed Lot mercy by letting him flee to and sparing Zoar (vv. 20-23). Judgment would then end in smoke and ashes (vv. 24-25, 28-29a). The sparing of Lot began when Abraham pleaded for him before the LORD (v. 27), and it is clear that he was spared because “God remembered Abraham” (v. 29b). As it would turn out, Lot would end up fleeing to the mountains with his two daughters anyway, no doubt because the people of Zoar would have witnessed the events of Sodom and how he had escaped (v. 30). Lot went from a condition of needing to separate from Abram because of all he possessed, to fleeing with only his widowed daughters, hiding in a cave, and his daughters getting him drunk so they could get pregnant (vv. 31-35)! From this sin there came Moab and Ammon (vv. 36-38). However, even out of this evil there eventually would later come Ruth (Ruth 2:2).

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