Genesis 9:18-10:32 Noah And The Two Seeds Among The Nations.

From Noah’s three sons the whole earth was populated, and from the very beginning we see a division between the godly and ungodly seeds, from Ham there would come Canaan (vv. 18-19). Soon after departing from the ark Noah plants a vineyard, makes some wine, and got drunk. Rather than respect his father Ham mocks him (vv. 20-22). On the other hand, Shem and Japheth covered their father’s nakedness (v. 23). So when Noah awoke he pronounced a curse upon Ham’s son-that he would be a servant to his brothers (vv. 24-25). It also appears that Japheth would be subordinate to Shem-but both would be blessed (vv. 26-27). This was a covenantal pronouncement of cursing and blessing. This is a recurring theme-covenant lawsuit on the ungodly seed accompanies blessing upon the godly.

Moses shrinks a lot of history here, from the record of Noah’s 950 years to the growth of the nations-this genealogy reinforces the historical nature of this account (9:28-10:32). As noted earlier, here we also find echoes of the original history of Adam after the fall. We have the “human founders, Adam and Noah (3:1-14; cf. 9:18-23); the division of the founder’s sons into elect and reprobate lines (ch. 4; cf. 9:24-27); the tyrannical non-elect building a city and making a name for themselves, Cain and Nimrod (4:17-24; cf. 10:8-12; 11:1-9); the preservation of a godly line (5:1-32; cf. 11:10-26) and of a faithful agent of blessing in the fallen world (6:1-9; cf. 11:27-12:9).” (NGSB p. 21). Where it was the LORD who made the pronouncement concerning Cain, here Noah makes the covenantal declaration of cursing and blessing (Cf. 4:9-14).

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