Genesis 4:19-24 Lamech And The Development Of Godless Law and Practice.

Lamech carried on the rebellion of his ancestor. With Lamech we have the first record of polygamy-an overturning of the creation mandate of one man and one woman (2:24; I Tim. 3:2). In other respects, Lamech’s descendants would help fulfill that mandate. Jabal would raise livestock, Jubal would develop music, and Tubal-Cain would be an instructor in every craftsman in bronze and iron (vv. 20-22). However, Lamech also sinned by carrying on the murderous ways of his ancestor, and he added to these murders the arrogant presumption of declaring a judgment on any who would even threaten him, a ruling in mockery of the protection the LORD gave to Cain (vv. 23-24). With the multiplying of the people on the earth, Lamech’s crimes were certainly ones which could have been adjudicated. Lamech, like all the godless seed, sought to make their own laws, being a law unto themselves. This was an expression of human autonomy and rebellion against God and His law-word.

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