Genesis 4:17-18 The Development Of The Godless Seed.

Cain would get married, which itself was an expression of God’s common grace, since it was not good that man should be alone (2:18). However, Cain was cursed from the ground, which forced him to look for other work. Cain would build a city (v. 17). Cain would begin a tradition by naming the city after his son thereby glorying in himself alone, a monument to his own arrogant pride and rebellion (Cf. Ps. 49:11-12). Even the seed of the Evil One are destined to fulfill the creation mandate in some measure. Cain and his wife would be fruitful and multiply, and in building a city they were exercising dominion as His image bearers (Gen. 1:27-28). This was the beginning of the development of the seed of the Devil. These are those who will not listen to God’s word (Jn. 8:43). They fulfill the desires of the devil, who as John pointed out, “was a murderer from the beginning” (v. 44). They cannot “stand in the truth” because there is no truth in them. This is the great divide-how one relates to the truth of the word of God. The idea of a sevenfold action, is one of complete perfection-what justly meets the demand for justice (v. 15 Cf. Ps. 79:12).

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