Luke 21:29-38 The Fig Tree And The Day Of Judgment.

Everything Jesus said about the last days of the old covenant era, also spoke to the vengeance of covenant lawsuit judgment on apostate Israel who rejected their Messiah. This is the fig tree of this parable (vv. 29-31). Everything that preceded, Jesus made clear would come upon that generation (v. 32). He also made clear that His words were as secure as the rest of the scriptures (v. 33). The fact is that these events did indeed take place with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD., in fulfillment also of the words of the prophet Daniel (9:26-27). Those whom Jesus addressed directly were to take heed, that they might endure to the end and escape the ultimate punishment (vv. 34-36). Given what follows in the next chapter, and what He has just taught concerning the apostate Jewish leadership, it would appear that He was not safe anywhere near the temple precincts at night (vv. 37-38).

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