Genesis 2:4-7 The LORD God, And The History Of Creation.

With the word “history,” the NKJV rightly translates what might otherwise be translated as “generations” (v. 4). As previously noted, with the creation of the first day, and then later with the instruments of daily governance and history of the fourth day, including the stars, we have the creation of time and history. However, with these present verses Moses introduces us to some things which are new. He now refers to God as “the LORD God” or Jehovah Elohim. We should not forget that this is Moses writing many years after the events of which He wrote, making it all the more significant his specific use of words at each stage of development. The name Jehovah would become the most common name for the covenant people to refer to their God. What He has revealed to us is the history of the creation of those things necessary for humanity’s existence if we were “to till the ground,” that is, fulfill our kingdom purpose of dominion stewardship (v. 5). From the stuff of this environment the LORD God created humanity to be His vice regent image bearers in this environment. From the LORD God man also became a living being. Humanity is both body and spirit (v. 7 Cf. Job 33:4; I Cor. 15:45). This is something Moses also adds here, with a reflection on the history of creation by the LORD God.

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