Genesis 1:20-25 The Fifth And Sixth Days-Creatures Of The Sea, Sky, And Land.

Just as a place was created for the sun, moon, and stars, even so the creatures of sea, sky, and land were created in an environment already prepared for them, showing that everything in creation has a place and purpose. From the very beginning God would feed and care for the creatures He would make (Ps. 104:25-28). This commitment would also be renewed in the covenant of redemption with Noah (Gen. 8:17, 22). Furthermore, like the plants, herbs, and trees which were created with seeds each according to its kind, even so these creatures are commanded to be fruitful and multiply (vv. 20-23).

We should note that part of this good creation included the “creeping thing” (vv. 24-25). There is therefore no basis for suggesting that this was a curse on snakes, but that the curse of 3:14 was on Satan alone. From the beginning there was also a distinction made between beast and cattle, between the “wild” and the domesticated. There was no call for humans at this point to eat the cattle, but they would provide things like milk etc. Furthermore, if humans could live without meat, there is no indication that the beasts could not also live without meat. Therefore, the distinction is not necessarily between carnivores and non-carnivores.

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