Luke 18:35-43 Seeing And Following.

The blind had to beg to survive. If anyone knew there need it was the blind (v. 35 Cf. Mt. 9:27-31; 20:29-34; Mk. 10:46-52). He needed help just to know what was going on (v. 36). However, more importantly, he needed the Lord to show him mercy and heal him (v. 38b). When he learns that “Jesus of Nazareth” is passing by, it leads him to cry out “Son of David” (v. 37). There seems to be this connection between Nazareth and David, and of course the “Son of David” was also a messianic title (v. 38a). The crowd warned him to be silent, but his need for mercy was greater than their concern (v. 39).

Obviously his awareness of the need for mercy was greater than theirs. Jesus called the man to Himself, and through faith in the Lord the man received his sight (vv. 40-43). The man’s healing was not an end in itself. His healing led to three things, he followed Jesus, he glorified God, and the people praised God. From need, to a call for mercy, to a call to restoration, to healing, to following, glorifying and praising God. The man followed a path we all must take-confessing our need for mercy we pray. We reason with the Lord and find restoration. We then follow, glorify, and praise God with our lives.

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