Luke 12:54-59 Discerning The Time-Making Peace With Jesus.

At verse 49 Luke has transitioned from Jesus’ discussion about the second coming and final judgment, to the impending judgment of 70 AD, a judgment “on the earth.” In these present verses he criticizes His hearers for not being able to see the signs of the impending judgment. This is different from His discussion about the end, since that is a day or hour no one knows but the Father. He uses the analogy of weather forecasting, to highlight their hypocrisy for not seeing the signs of the then present time-“this time” (vv. 54-56 Cf. 19:41-44; Mt. 16:1-2). It seems clear that the example of one settling with an adversary is meant to refer to his hearers, who should be settling with Jesus while He stands among them (vv. 55-57 Cf. Ps. 32:6). The Jewish leadership, and with them the people, in not recognizing in Jesus the promised Messiah, were about to suffer in the impending judgment on what had become their house, but no longer His house.

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