Luke 11:24-28 Hearing The Word and Doing It.

When a person is demon possessed, it is Satan saying that that person is his property. Jesus said that the demon cast out wanders and finds no rest, so they return to what they regard as their house (v. 24 Cf. Mt. 12:43-45). When they return to a person who has been freed they find that the house has been cleaned up, and everything is set in order (v. 25). This is what happens to one who has been delivered, they gain control over their own lives. However, something seems to be missing, for as Jesus goes on to say, the demon gathers some of his cohorts and together they are able to re-occupy the person (v. 26).

It almost seems that before Jesus could make His concluding point that He gets interrupted. A woman cries out, “Blessed is the womb that bore You, and the breasts which nursed You!” (v. 27) This no doubt strikes us as odd in our day and age, but in effect she marvelled at Jesus’ insights, but she evidently attributed it to His parental nurturing. So His answer is a corrective to the woman, Jesus Himself was blessed because He heard the word of God and kept it (v. 28 Cf. Mt. 12:46-50). However, it is also the point to his story regarding the demon possessed. The only sure defense in life against Satan and the forces of evil is to hear the word and do it.

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