Luke 11:5-13 Persevering In Prayer.

The example Jesus gave of the person who goes to a friend at midnight for food for a friend visiting him, emphasizes that one should persevere in prayer. It is not as though God cannot be moved unless we keep asking (vv. 5-8). “Men always ought to pray and not lose heart.” (Lk. 18:1) As in the model prayer Jesus just gave, the issue is more with us (vv. 1-4). Are we serious in our prayers or not? This is the point-if we ask, seek, and knock according to God’s will, He will answer us (vv. 9-10 Cf. Mt. 7:7-8; 21:22; I Jn. 5:14-15). It is God’s will to give us that which is good for us (vv. 11-12 Cf. Mt. 7:9-11; Js. 1:17). In particular, the Holy Spirit is given to all those who want to be in the family of God (v. 13). One must believe and not doubt (Cf. Mt. 21:22; Mk. 11:24; Js. 1:5-6). Answers come for those who abide in Christ (Jn. 15:7), and abiding shows itself in those who keep His commandments (I Jn. 3:22).

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