Luke 9:23-26 Discipleship: Putting Christ And His Words First.

This passage comes after Jesus has just predicted His sufferings, death, and resurrection (vv. 21-22). It is with this in mind, that He instructs His disciples in the nature of what it is to follow Him. First, one must deny self. This is the point that all people must come to-where we acknowledge our unacceptability before God because of our sin and make confession of the same. Secondly, this is to be a daily exercise, as Jesus also made clear from His model prayer (v. 23 Cf. 11:3-4; 14:27; Mt. 6:11-12; 16:24-27; Mk. 8:34-38). Thirdly, part of this repentance on our part, is now putting the Lord first in our lives, instead of our own thoughts and desires. When we put ourselves first we lose everything. When we put Christ first, we gain all we need (v. 24 Cf. 17:33; Mt. 10:38-39; Jn. 12:25-26). We might gain the whole world-no doubt a satanic promise. But in the process we lose ourselves. This is the end of those who are ashamed of Christ and His words (v. 25 Cf. Mt. 16:26; Mk. 8:36; Acts 1:18, 25). Fourthly, the Lord cannot be separated from His words (v. 26 Cf. Rom. 1:16). Finally, those who are ashamed of Him and His words now, will face judgment in the world to come (Cf. 12:9; Mt. 10:33; Mk. 8:38; II Tim. 2:12).

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