Luke 9:18-22 Jesus Is The Christ Of God.

Jesus finally found some time alone and spent it in prayer (v. 18). However, the disciples also found time to be with him, something which the crush of the crowds had prevented till now (vv. 10-11). When they got back together Jesus asked them who the crowds thought that He was. They were sure He was a prophet, they just weren’t sure which one (v. 19). When He asked His disciples, Peter made his confession that Jesus was the Christ. Jesus is more than a prophet, He is the appointed and anointed One (v. 20 Cf. Mt. 16:17). However, the crowds were not yet ready for this, until His death and resurrection. Jesus wanted this knowledge to be associated with His death and resurrection alone (vv. 21-22) In saying this He not only told them the course of events which would unfold, but He was also telling them about the nature of His reign. The gospel they would be called to preach would be the death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and present reign of the Christ.

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