Philippians 2:25-30 Esteeming And Rejoicing In Servants Of The Lord.

So Paul thought some more and decided instead of Timothy he would send back Epaphroditus, who Paul also considered a “brother, fellow worker, and fellow soldier.” (v. 25) Apparently he had been sent by the Philippians to minister to Paul’s need, so Paul was returning him to them (Cf. 4:18). Epaphroditus was concerned because they had heard the he was sick and were no doubt worried (v. 26). Apparently they had good cause for concern, since he was near death, but God in His mercy spared him, and Paul the sorrow (v. 27). If they could rejoice in having him back that would spare Paul any further sorrow (v. 28). Apparently Epaphroditus was sent for the very purpose of continuing the help that the Philippians wanted to provide to Paul, he therefore tells them to hold him, and those like him, in high esteem, especially as he risked his life for the good of the church and the gospel (vv. 29-30). Paul also considered him a “beloved friend.” (Philemon 2)

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