Luke 8:26-39 Jesus Rules Over The Demonic World.

What must it have been like for the disciples, who had just panicked for fear of being destroyed at sea, to seeing a wild man, possessed by demons, crying out with such a confession as he spoke? “Jesus, Son of the most high God.” (v. 28) The demons evidently knew who Jesus was, and that He had power over them. People tried to bind the man like a junkyard dog, but they failed. The demons would seize him, he would break his bonds, and they would drive him into the wilderness. There were so many demons that he was called ‘Legion’ (v. 30). So we go from Jesus demonstrating His power over the natural world, to now seeing His power over the spiritual world. We should not miss the point that the demons were cast into pigs, which the law forbade the covenant people to eat. Like the demons themselves, the pigs were unclean.

The act made the people afraid, both by the healing of the man, but also in how he was healed (vv. 35-37). They asked Jesus to leave them. Evidently, they would rather live with demonic forces, than be confronted with the one who had all the power over the physical and spiritual worlds. The man who was healed had the exact opposite response-he begged Jesus to stay. But Jesus had other places to visit. However, He gave this man a mission, to stay where he was and spread the good news. So “he went his way and proclaimed throughout the whole city what great things Jesus had done for him.” (v. 39) This will contrast with the instruction Jesus will give to the parents of the girl raised from the dead (vv. 40-56). Here He demonstrates His power over the spiritual realm, there He will manifest His power over death. Evidently He wanted people to know that the Devil had no power over Him.

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