Luke 8:40-56 Have Faith.

When Jesus was healing the sick, everyone gathered to meet Him. So it was for Jairus for his sick and dying daughter (vv. 40-42 Cf. Mt. 9:18-26; Mk. 5:22-43). But before Jesus could make that journey, there was a woman, with a flow of blood for twelve years, who also needed His help. Such a condition would have made her ceremonially unclean, so she may have thought that she had to approach in secret, as it were (Cf. Lev. 15:25). She had spent everything on doctors to help her, but they could not (v. 43). But when she touched the border of His garment, because she had faith, she was healed (vv. 44-48). Not only was she healed, but Jesus blessed her, telling her to be of good cheer and to go in peace. Jesus often answers our prayers with more than we even think to ask for.

It is also worth noting that Luke makes a point of indicating that she touched the border of Jesus’ garment, which was likely that described in Numbers 15:37-40. Her faith was in the law-word of the Lord. Peter, and those with him, were surprised at the question, because many were touching Him, but there was one woman who touched the blue border of His garment with faith, for Jesus perceived that power had gone out from Him. The power was of Jesus, but healing took place through the gift of faith in the word. Faith is our necessary means of tapping into Christ’s power, but it is not apart from the word. The blue border was a reminder of this. This was one of Messiah’s three colours to symbolize His threefold office, with royal purple as King, and red as Priest.

However, in the mean time, Jairus’ daughter had died, and the people thought that this was now beyond the power of Jesus to do anything. But He would show that He also had power over death. For this reason He could say, what He says to all of us, “Do not be afraid, only believe.” (v. 50) For Jairus it would be immediate if only temporary, for his daughter, for she would be made well. For Jesus, she was only asleep, as it were, not that her spirit was asleep, but her body. Her spirit would return at His command. Therefore He could say, “Do not weep.” And He also says to all His children, that at some point we need not weep with the loss of a loved one, for He has power over death. Was it his power over death that on this occasion he instructed the girl’s parents not to tell anyone what had happened (v. 56 Cf. Mk. 5:43)?

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