Isaiah 12: A Hymn Of Praise.

This hymn echoes Moses’ song at Exodus 15, neither of which are found in the psalter. These were nevertheless part of their songs, hymns, and spiritual songs (Cf. Eph. 5:19). Anger has turned to comfort, as the remnant realizes their need of salvation and put their trust in the LORD, and joy is the result (vv. 1-3 Cf. 2:11; Ex. 15:2; Pss. 83:18; 118:14). Both the LORD’s name and deeds are magnified. His name signifies His character, and His deeds reflect that character (v. 4 Cf. I Chr. 16:8ff.; Pss. 34:3; 105:1ff.; 145:4-7). These things were known throughout all the earth (v. 5 Cf. 24:14-16a; 42:10-11; 44:22-23; Ex. 15:1; Ps. 98:1). The Holy One would indeed become their Immanuel, as He would once again dwell in their midst (v. 6Cf. 52:9; 54:1; Ps. 89:18; Zeph. 3:14-15).

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