Isaiah 10:5-34 Assyria Judged And The Remnant Spared.

Assyria was used by God as His instrument of judgment upon Israel, but they in their pride acted as though it was all of their own doing. Their arrogant pride would be their downfall (vv. 5-9). One of the reasons for Israel’s judgment was their idolatry, but the southern kingdom of Judah would also suffer if it also sinned in this way (vv. 10-11). So Assyria would be the Lord’s instrument against both houses, but they also would suffer judgment for their arrogance (v. 12). Assyria thought that his own strength and wisdom accomplished his victories (vv. 13-14). For the Lord, this was like an axe, saw, rod, or staff claiming victory without the one wielding it (v. 15). For this, Assyria would also suffer punishment, not from Israel, but from “the Light of Israel…the Holy One.” (v. 17)

Out of this judgment a remnant would survive-those who “will depend on the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, in truth. The remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, to the Mighty God.” (vv. 20-21) The destruction of judgment “shall overflow with righteousness.” This is all as a result of God’s sovereign will. “For the Lord God of hosts will make a determined end in the midst of all the land.” (v. 23) Those who dwell in Zion would witness this transition (vv. 24-27). The Light of Israel, the Holy One, would bring an overflow of righteousness, and would be anointed with oil. Assyria may think he was marching forward to a complete victory over both houses, but he would be stopped within sight of Zion (vv. 28-32). The LORD of hosts, the Mighty One, would do this, “and the haughty will be humbled.” (v. 33)

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