Luke 8:19-21 Family.

From the parable of the sower, through that of light, this incident involving Jesus’ mother and brothers brings up His main point-the family of God are made up of all those who hear the word and do it. As an aside, that Jesus had brothers from a common mother of course dispels the notion that Mary remained a virgin. From the account in Matthew it would seem that the thought was that his family members should have priority over the multitudes (Cf. 12:46-50; Mk. 3:36-41). However, it wasn’t so much a statement about Mary or Jesus’ brothers, but an occasion for Jesus to emphasize that the highest priority was in not only hearing, but in doing the will of the Father-His Father and ours in Him. By bearing fruit in keeping with being doers of the word, we show the evidence of being in this family.

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