Luke 8:1-3 Many Women Followed And Ministered.  

There is no place too big or too small for Jesus to go to and preach glad tidings of the kingdom. The glad tidings include the message of repentance, but also of forgiveness. By this time the twelve are traveling with Him to deliver this message. What was no doubt surprising was the number of women who joined them (v. 1). Luke just finished writing about Mary, sister to Martha and Lazarus, who expressed her faith and affection for the Lord and the glad tidings He brought to her. As we also saw, many were converted through her testimony (vv. 36-50). Now as Jesus and the twelve head out on their mission, many women accompanied them and “provided for Him from their substance.” (v. 3) No doubt Mary called Magdelene, who was delivered from seven demons (seven being symbolic of perfection), locked in to spiritual oppression as it where, was as grateful as the other Mary, at the deliverance which Jesus brought to her.

As Jesus said to Simon, those who are forgiven much love much. It is also likely that the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward, would have had some means whereby she was able to help, and Susanna, “and many others.” (v. 3 Cf. Mt. 27:55-56; Mk. 15:40-41; Lk. 23:49, 55) It was the women who would find the empty tomb as they “came to the tomb with the spices they had prepared.” (Lk. 24:1) Furthermore, it was to Mary Magdalene that Jesus first appeared after His resurrection. At no place in the gospels do we ever read that Jesus commissioned any women to preach or teach, but the service they provided was no less needed and valuable as kingdom work. It is a serious error to think because the role of women in the church is different that it is somehow inferior or of a lesser value. One cannot preach if one does not eat, and so it is with prayer, companionship, and comfort that community provides. Like Mary, they also no doubt shared their testimony as to what the Lord had done for them.

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