Luke 7:11-17 The Lord Sees And Has Compassion.

We don’t know if the widow in this story prayed for help or not. One can presume that given that the young man had died that she would not be praying for him to come back from the dead. All we are told is that she and the people with her were mourning his death and her loss. There seems to be no indication that anyone had asked for His help. Rather, Jesus simply had compassion on the widow (Cf. vv. 11-13). Perhaps it is good to be reminded that the Lord sometimes acts even without our requests. What we are told is, when the Lord saw her He had compassion. Sometimes we ask and don’t receive what we ask for, but sometimes the Lord acts when we don’t think we can or should ask for His help.

One thing is certain, when Jesus brought the young man back to life the people were in awe, “and they glorified God, saying, “A great prophet has risen up among us”; and “God has visited His people.” (v. 16) They thought He was a prophet, because they would no doubt recall a incident like that of Elijah who raised up the son of a widow in his day (I Kgs. 17:23), or of Elisha (II Kgs. 4:36). These “resurrections” are all different from what is to come to Jesus and those who follow after. These people were re-united with their mortal bodies. In the resurrection of Jesus and that to come, there is a new incorruptible body. These would go on to die finally, but in the resurrection to come death will be defeated (I Cor. 15:26).

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