Luke 6:46-49 Life On The The Rock.

Confession of Jesus as ‘Lord’ is meaningless without a life of obedience to Him (v. 46). It is not enough to come to the Lord with this confession, nor even to simply hear what He has said. We must be doers of the word as well (v. 47). This is what it means to honour the Master (Cf. Mal. 1:6). By obedience we give evidence of our heavenly birth (Cf. Mt. 7:21). If we truly love Him we will keep His commandments (Cf. Jn. 14:21; Js. 1:22-25) The law-word of the covenant is a “the perfect law of liberty.” (Js. 1:22-25) Jesus used the analogy of the difference being between one who builds on a rock as a solid foundation, or one who builds on the earth (vv. 48-49). Initially they may both appear the same, as with the confession of Christ’s lordship. However, only when the trials of life come does one see whether a person’s foundation is solidly on the word and Christ.

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