Ephesians 6:5-9 Serving The Lord In Our Work.

The closest analogy we have in the present day to that of the master and slave is the employer-employee relationship, even though there was more to slavery in the first century than just work (v. 5). Nevertheless, there are valuable insights here for the working environment. Every Christian should work as though working for Christ, for in reality this is what we do. It reflects on the name of God and His doctrine (Cf. I Tim. 6:1). It is part of God’s will for us that we are dedicated and sincere in our work (v. 6). This will sometimes mean even going beyond what is expected, because we have service to Christ in view. Many work only for what can be seen by their employer, and some even embellish this. The Christian works knowing that we are ever before the eyes of the Lord in all we do (v. 7 Cf. Col. 3:22). Furthermore, it is the Lord himself who will ultimately reward us, and judge all men (v. 8 Cf. Rom. 2:6). A paycheque is merely what we earn for work accomplished. Similarly, a Christian boss should lead with justice and fairness, knowing that they also are ultimately accountable to the Lord (v. 9 Cf. Rom. 2:11; Col. 4:1).

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