Ephesians 5:15-21 The Way Of The Wise.

The Christian walk is one of wisdom. In another opposite, we go from being foolish to wise (v. 15). The wise are careful to understand what the will of the Lord is (v. 17 ). We must redeem time for this purpose (v. 16). It is the way of sanctification (Cf. I Th. 4:3). It also becomes a testimony to those yet in darkness (Cf. Col. 4:5). Being filled with the Spirit is another way to describe this life of wisdom. Again, it is the opposite of being in a drunken stupor, foolish and without discretion (v. 18 Cf. Prov. 20:1; 23:31). It is sad to think that some think that being “filled with the Spirit” is some non-alcoholic way to get drunk. It is the opposite. Speaking and singing the word of God and Christian truth is what is involved in renewing our minds-this is what it means to understand His will (Cf. Rom. 12:1-2). It is something which must go to the very core of who we are-our hearts (v. 19). It is also something that those in darkness will see and hear (Cf. Acts 16:25). It must also be accompanied by thanksgiving, and “submitting to one another in the fear of the Lord.” (v. 21 Cf. Phil. 2:3) As Paul will go on to point out, the Lord has established an authority structure which is also made to serve the purpose of learning to walk in the way of the wise. However, it all starts with gratitude, for we have nothing except what we have received.

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