Ephesians 3:8-13 The Purpose Of The Mystery.

Paul was given grace to preach the gospel to the gentiles, and in writing this he makes clear that grace is needed for any who would do the same (Cf. I Cor. 15:9; Col. 1:27; 2:2-3). Humility is necessary, as Paul considered himself as “less than the least of all the saints.” (v. 8) Humility and grace go hand in hand. From the very beginning of history, and before God “created all things through Jesus Christ (v. 9 Cf. Heb. 1:2), “the fellowship of the mystery was hidden.” So Paul affirms that through Christ the Father created all things, and before the creation of all things He planned and purposed redemption.

God also created history, and at a certain point in history He showed His manifold wisdom, by appointing to the church the task of declaring the gospel of the kingdom to “the principalities and powers in the heavenly places.” (v. 10 Cf. I Pet. 1:12; I Tim. 3:16; Col. 1:16; 2:10) This was His eternal purpose-before time ever came into being (Cf. Eph. 1:4, 11). This is what “Christ Jesus our Lord” has accomplished (v. 11). Only through Him do we have boldness and access to the throne of grace (v. 12 Cf. Heb. 4:16; 10:19, 35). Paul had his tribulations in this work, but he asks his readers to not lose heart (v. 13).

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