The Psalms

Psalm 150 Praise The LORD!

The psalter concludes with praise to the covenant making and covenant keeping LORD, who is also God-in His sanctuary and mighty firmament. It is praise not only fitting in the religious sphere, but is fitting in the whole of creation. We worship Him as the author of salvation, but the entire created order as the maker and sustainer of all things (v. 1). The psalms continuously focus on both who the LORD is and what He has done, in heaven and on earth (Cf. Dt. 3:24). The two are inseparable (v. 2 Cf. Ps. 145:5-6). Every then conceivable instrument is employed in this praise. It is hard to fathom how some can ban instruments in the public worship of God and call this the regulative principle of doing only what the LORD commands, when the psalms themselves command their use (vv. 3-5). Furthermore, it is not limited to the assembled saints in song with musical accompaniment, but dance and everything that has breath also. Thus the whole of life and all created things are continuously part of this worthy praise. “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!” (v. 6)

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