The Psalms

Psalm 146 True Happiness.

Praise to the LORD is a main focus in the psalms (vv. 1-2). Men perish, but the LORD remains (vv. 3-4). The plans of man come to nothing (Cf. Ps. 33:10; I Cor. 2:6). Those are happy who trust in the covenant making and covenant keeping LORD, the maker of heaven and earth, and the sovereign ruler over all (vv. 5-6 Cf. Gen. 1:1; Ex. 20:11; Jer. 17:7; Acts 4:24; Rev. 14:7). The LORD keeps truth forever, executing justice for the oppressed, feeding the hungry, giving freedom to the prisoners, and sight to the blind (vv. 7-8a Cf. Ps. 103:6; Is. 61:1; Jn. 9:7, 32-33). “For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.” (Ps. 107:9) Those who are bowed down and humbled, He lifts up. These are the righteous whom He loves (v. 8bc), “but the way of the wicked He turns upside down.” (v. 9 Cf. Ps. 147:6) The LORD watches over the helpless-strangers, the fatherless, and the widow (Dt. 10:18; Ps. 68:5). The LORD, the God of the church, which is Zion, shall reign forever (v. 10 Cf. Cf. Ex. 15:18; Heb. 12:22-24; Rev. 11:15).

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