The Psalms

Psalm 143 Faithful And Righteous.

Actions spring from character. The LORD is faithful because He is righteous. This gives His people assurance in prayer that He will act according to who He is (v. 1). The LORD cannot act contrary to His own nature. Human beings, on the other hand, also act according to their nature-which is not righteous (Cf. Job 4:17; 9:2; 25:4; Ps. 130:3; Eccl. 7:20; Rom. 3:20-23; Gal. 2:16). Therefore the psalmist pleads for mercy (v. 2). The psalmist makes his appeal for help as one who is wrongfully persecuted (vv. 3-4 Cf. Ps. 54:5). His spirit was overwhelmed and his heart distressed. It causes him to remember how the LORD has acted in the past in hopes that He will act again (vv. 5-6 Cf. Pss. 63:1; 77:3-5). He pleads as one who has put his trust in the covenant making and covenant keeping LORD (vv. 7-8a, 9 Cf. Pss. 28:1; 46:5). His goal is that he might walk in the way of the LORD (vv. 8b, 10). Based on God’s character, he prays that he might be taught to do His will (Cf. Ps. 25:4-5). The LORD is good, and His ways are ways of righteousness. For revival and the destruction of their enemies, David pleads for mercy (Cf. Pss. 25:1; 119:25).  

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